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Operation NewOldHouse: It Gets Better!

NB: Intro, Part 1, Part 2 If you have been following along on our journey thus far, it’s likely you’ve found the saga of NewOldHouse rather depressing. The amount of work and stress that went into the property in the … Read More

Quick Project: Art Nouveau Curtain

Here’s a little project that’s been in my head for years. Our bathroom curtains are red velveteen – an homage to the theatre, and the blank white panel behind needed a little something. Our apartment building is from 1912 so … Read More

Prop Making: Carpet Bag

So I’m not dead, just working on a play in a stage management/prop making capacity. Although some of the characters in the play are dead… Instead of dropping off the face of the blogosphere, I thought I’d share some of … Read More

DIY: Sleeveboard Cover

As much as i love using vintage sewing supplies, sometimes they need a little love. My sleeveboard’s fabric cover was wearing through at the edges, so I decided to make a new one. Using the old cover as a pattern, … Read More

Me Project: Business Card Holder

This is another project I’ve been meaning to make for myself for awhile. I used to keep my business cards in my wallet, but that makes it unnecessarily full. Plus, things tend to get shuffled around more and the cards … Read More

Cork board makeovers!

Whilst recently working at a local theatre, the dressing rooms were being renovated and re-painted. The small cork boards on each door for posting messages and labelling each with the names of actors were being replaced with new ones. The … Read More