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Operation Stash Busting: Part 1

Here’s a post I wrote nearly a 2 years ago (!!) that’s been languishing in my Drafts. Everything still applies though! Although I do have plenty of upcoming work, my ongoing goals are to make more time to do my … Read More

Pattern Inventory Adventures: Part Two

In which we catalogue and pack all of the 1970s patterns in my collection (plus some errant 50s/60s ones that somehow escaped my notice in the first part). The 1970s is often not taken seriously in terms of fashion eras. … Read More

Pattern Inventory Adventures: Part One

Part of the ongoing reorganization going on around here involved going through my pattern stash to assess which ones might be candidates for wardrobe additions. This brought to my attention the need to sort through the entire collection, as well … Read More

DIY: Sleeveboard Cover

As much as i love using vintage sewing supplies, sometimes they need a little love. My sleeveboard’s fabric cover was wearing through at the edges, so I decided to make a new one. Using the old cover as a pattern, … Read More

The Collection: Patterns to Make

I recently re-organized my pattern stash after aquiring a pile of new (old) ones. I decided that the vintage box was getting far too packed and so decided to separate them into 1940s-Early 1960s, and mid 1960s-1980s. Of course this … Read More

Me me me!

An often recurring pattern for some seamstress types is that most of the completed projects end up being for clients or gifts for other people. Why is this? Of course the main reason I got into sewing my own clothes … Read More

Cork board makeovers!

Whilst recently working at a local theatre, the dressing rooms were being renovated and re-painted. The small cork boards on each door for posting messages and labelling each with the names of actors were being replaced with new ones. The … Read More

Plugging away…

The sewing room overhaul. It seems like I do this once a year. Why? When we moved in the summer, it was in the midst of stage managing a fringe show. We ended up renting 2 apartments for the month … Read More

A New Start

Hello world, This is the new home of my (mostly) seamstress adventures and paid gigs. Some of you may know my work under my previous entity of Punk Faerie Productions. My work will continue to be varied including custom made … Read More