Heather Lee Bea?

A little about Heather Lee Bea:

  • Mostly self taught seamstress with attention to detail. 
  • Likes to take on new and interesting projects to expand her knowledge/skills and keep things fresh.
  • Has worked for independent / regional theatre and private clients.
  • Loves to do research on projects.
  • Subscribes to the “make do and mend” philosophy – to repair or re-vamp if possible and give new life to existing items.
  • Fashion and function are equally important. If something isn’t comfortable or usable it’s not worth making.
  • Thinks that educating yourself and others on fashion history and proper fitting is important to making everyone look their best.
  • Uses mostly vintage sewing machines – they tend to keep up with me!
  • Loves her cordless iron!
  • Favorite fabrics are cottons and wool suiting.
  • There is a time and place for crepe back satin and it’s not for formal wear : )