The Collection: Patterns to Make

I recently re-organized my pattern stash after aquiring a pile of new (old) ones. I decided that the vintage box was getting far too packed and so decided to separate them into 1940s-Early 1960s, and mid 1960s-1980s. Of course this … Read More

Thrift Store Lovelies!

Some of the lovely (and useful) things I’ve picked up recently at my local thrift shops! Vintage sewing notions: Lovely linings and vintage fabrics: Love this fabric with commas (or apostrophes) on it! I’d love to make a secretary blouse … Read More

New Pages in the Sidebar!

Please check out the new (although with ongoing updates) links in the sidebar menu! It’s been quite a trip down memory lane (and tedious sorting through photos of past projects) in my attempt to properly archive the various items I … Read More

WIP: Mending work overalls

A mending job to keep a well loved pair of carpenter’s overalls in use a little longer. These were originally well made workmen’s overalls but have seen a lot of action. I under-patched the larger tears by hand stitching around … Read More

My Library: Costume 1066 to the Present

Part of my online presence here will include documenting/reviewing research materials I have found useful. The first instalment is a slim volume that betrays the useful reference that it is. Costume: 1066 to the Present by John Peacock is mostly … Read More

Gertie’s Pencil Skirt: Three Ways

Like many lucky sewists this past holiday season, I received a copy of Gertie’s New Book of Better Sewing. It happens that my birthday is very close to another big holiday in December, so it was in fact a birthday … Read More

1962 Jumper Dress

Made up this cute but understated jumper dress and bloomer set for my niece who had her first birthday this week. The Pattern is a vintage Simplicity (4246) that I had in my stash, I think originally from the thrift … Read More

Me me me!

An often recurring pattern for some seamstress types is that most of the completed projects end up being for clients or gifts for other people. Why is this? Of course the main reason I got into sewing my own clothes … Read More

Cork board makeovers!

Whilst recently working at a local theatre, the dressing rooms were being renovated and re-painted. The small cork boards on each door for posting messages and labelling each with the names of actors were being replaced with new ones. The … Read More