Plugging away…

The sewing room overhaul. It seems like I do this once a year. Why? When we moved in the summer, it was in the midst of stage managing a fringe show. We ended up renting 2 apartments for the month … Read More

Projects of 2012: Sewing

There were fewer sewing related projects this year as compared to others. I was doing more stage management and lots of new apartment fixing, cleaning and organizing. Here are the hightlights:     Plan for 2013 is to work on … Read More

xmas projects 2012

  Yes, I know it’s nearly February, but now that I’ve finally set up the new site, I am planning to bash out a bunch of posts at once. In past years I have gone all out to make handmade … Read More

The Mini Schiaparelli Sweater

This year I became an Auntie again – this time it was a niece! Now I have one of each…   I’ve made it my goal since she is a) girl and b) born on Valentines Day to avoid giving … Read More

A New Start

Hello world, This is the new home of my (mostly) seamstress adventures and paid gigs. Some of you may know my work under my previous entity of Punk Faerie Productions. My work will continue to be varied including custom made … Read More