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EvaDress 1934 Frock (as separates) by Heather Lee Bea 2013.

Made for Me: 1934 Blouse & Skirts

At long last I have made another¬†of my 1930s EvaDress patterns. The pattern is actually for a dress, but since I didn’t have quite enough rayon for the entire thing, I decided to do just the top and wear it … Read More

EvaDress SP-7121 By Heather Lee Bea. Bow/fabric detail.

Made for Me Project: 1933 Dress

Recently, I posted about the 1930s wedding dress I made for a friend. This is the dress I wore to the wedding. The sewing deities were with me on this, as I had very little time to make a dress … Read More

Princess seams and Pearl Beads.

1930s Wedding Dress

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I first started thinking about this project. A friend and theatre colleague was getting hitched to her long term sweetheart and she needed a dress. She tried to find one the … Read More

Pattern envelope, pieces and instructions stacked for packing.

Pattern Inventory Adventures: Part One

Part of the ongoing reorganization going on around here involved going through my pattern stash to assess which ones might be candidates for wardrobe additions. This brought to my attention the need to sort through the entire collection, as well … Read More

A Repro 1955 design.

The Collection: New Arrivals!

Exciting times when new patterns arrive in the mail! I took advantage of a recent sale and ordered 3 dress patterns online. Two of them are reproductions of vintage models and one is a Gertie’s design – vintage inspired. Unfortunately, … Read More