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McCall's Magazine October 1945

McCall’s Magazine: October 1945

One of my recent  finds of particular interest to vintage enthusiasts and fashion history nerds is this McCall’s Magazine from October 1945. It’s an interesting time capsule of the ideas being promoted to women at the tail end of World … Read More

Housewares found at garage sales and thrift stores in rural Manitoba.

Recent Finds: Summer 2014

Whilst I juggle several projects for clients and sadly neglect the made for me items, here are some fun things I’ve picked up recently… The Sawa 2000 De Luxe. There seem to be a lot of these around, and yet little info … Read More

Costume in Detail 1968 by Nancy Bradfield.

My Library: Costume in Detail 1730-1930

Another library book I fell in love with and eventually had to get my own copy. Nancy Bradfield’s 1968 book is true to it’s title. Her black and white detailed drawings record construction, fastenings, and textures of actual garments spanning … Read More

Late 1950s/Early 1960s Dress Patterns: McCall's 4442, 5723 and 7482.

Weekend Finds!

I promise very soon to update with more actual project realted posts, but for now here are some lovely items I picked up  at garage sales this weekend. The first real score of the day was this UNOPENED in the … Read More

The Little Book of Schiaparelli - front cover.

My Library: The Little Book of Schiaparelli

This is a relatively recent addition to my collection of fashion history books. I’ve been aware of Elsa Schiaparelli’s work for some time, but recently started to do more in depth research about her career as a fashion innovator. This … Read More

One of my favourite reference books!

My Library: Costume 1066 to the Present

Part of my online presence here will include documenting/reviewing research materials I have found useful. The first instalment is a slim volume that betrays the useful reference that it is. Costume: 1066 to the Present by John Peacock is mostly … Read More