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Throw Way Back: The Medieval Dress

For this instalment of Throw Way Back, I present this costume. I made it as the final project in a university costuming course 10 years ago. Taking it out of it’s storage (a 1960s vinyl travel case) to photograph it, … Read More

Costume in Detail 1968 by Nancy Bradfield.

My Library: Costume in Detail 1730-1930

Another library book I fell in love with and eventually had to get my own copy. Nancy Bradfield’s 1968 book is true to it’s title. Her black and white detailed drawings record construction, fastenings, and textures of actual garments spanning … Read More

Bride's Dress - Back Detail. Laced back closure, attached fissu, and ribbon detailed back seams

New Pages in the Sidebar!

Please check out the new (although with ongoing updates) links in the sidebar menu! It’s been quite a trip down memory lane (and tedious sorting through photos of past projects) in my attempt to properly archive the various items I … Read More

One of my favourite reference books!

My Library: Costume 1066 to the Present

Part of my online presence here will include documenting/reviewing research materials I have found useful. The first instalment is a slim volume that betrays the useful reference that it is. Costume: 1066 to the Present by John Peacock is mostly … Read More