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Recent Finds: Summer 2014

Whilst I juggle several projects for clients and sadly neglect the made for me items, here are some fun things I’ve picked up recently… The Sawa 2000 De Luxe. There seem to be a lot of these around, and yet little info … Read More

Birthday makes for a 3 year old

My nephew recently turned 3, and I made him some things. First was a Fort Kit (as seen here on the interweb) using thrift store sheets and a pillowcase modded into a drawstring storage bag.   He loves to ‘cook’ … Read More

Lost & Found: Embroidered Tea Towels

As much as it can be difficult to start a major organizing stint, one of the best rewards is rediscovering things. I had actually been thinking about these long lost tea towels recently. For the life of me I could … Read More

Home: Atomic Print Placemats

The Boy and I recently traded in our kitschy pink top 50s dining table for a proper grown up teak number with matching chairs. It is lovely but I live in constant fear of damaging it… So time for some … Read More

Vintage Embroidery Patterns!

In recent months I have acquired a small but growing collection of vintage patterns. I haven’t experimented with them yet, but here are some fun hot iron transfer embroidery patterns I came across. They were separated from their envelopes in most … Read More