Get started!

The Custom Item Process:

1. E-mail me ( and set up a consultation in person, over the phone, on skype etc.  We will discuss your ideas, design, deadlines and budget for the project.

2. I will do some initial research/number crunching and give you an estimate of the cost (generally a set fee for labour, plus cost of materials). This fee reflects the time required to make an item from scratch. I try to be as reasonable as possible while paying myself a living wage. See FAQ for the details of custom made costs. I also do instalment payments for items over $100.

3. Once we are both satisfied with the details, I will shop for supplies – with the client where possible so that you can judge what materials you like best.

4. You pay a portion of the total cost up front according to what works best for you and depending on the complexity of the project.

5. I take the necessary measurements or dimensions needed for the items I am making and we set up an initial fitting if a garment is being made. Fittings are an important step to ensuring the clothing or costume is sitting properly on you and functioning as it should. It will include checking the range of movement – especially if the item is to be worn at an important event or while doing specific activities.

It also gives both of us the chance to re-work anything that is not working or tweak the design.

6. Your completed item will be finished as far ahead of time as possible from your scheduled deadline. If anything should come up on either end, we keep each other updated to ensure it is ready for when you need it.

7. The final payment is due at the time of project hand off. If you have further concerns at this time or if the item needs alterations after the fact, feel free to contact me.


For simple jobs such as hemming, seam repair or zipper repair, it is a fairly simple and inexpensive process. Generally these will all be a flat fee, and cost of any replacement materials.

Hemming or seam alteration usually require a short fitting to make sure everything is correct when you are wearing the garment.

Repairs will be matched as close as possible to the original finishes. If you wish this to be otherwise, let me know!

I can also do re-fashions on garments you may no longer wear in their current state. Cost will vary depending on the complexity of the project.